Best Practice for Trauma Drama Solution

IN-Spa, Trauma Drama is your alcohol-free First-Aid, Cleaning Solution, Post-Treatment Soother & your new BFF!

Use T/D to clean your client's skin pre-treatment. Many waxers report that this preps skin perfectly for powder or oil pre-wax steps. Once you have preformed your hair-removal treatment, mist T/D on the area to GET THE RED OUT! This is perfect for face and brow clients that don't want to be red on their way home or back to work! For areas of the body, T/D will cool and soothe the skin and reduce SWELLING so that ingrowns & rash are nipped in the bud!

The soothing scent of lavender and tea-tree oils make this a calming addition to your treatment room. Put your client at ease and give them the comfort of Trauma Drama before and after each hair removal treatment.


At-Home, Trauma Drama is for your MOST sensitive clients.


T/D used at home, on a daily basis, will strengthen your clients sensitive, reactive skin. They can mist it on post shower to any target areas. Can be applied to face & body, under moisturizers. T/D can be used at home as a natural First-Aid spray for minor cuts and abrasions.